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[CR] SET Localization Toolkit

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Some important things to note:


- The source posted is actually for LabVIEW 2013.


- Version 0.3 is an alpha release. Expect to encounter bugs.


- Make sure that you add "UseUnicode=True" to the LabVIEW.ini file and restart LabVIEW before running the program..

- To start the program, run the "Launcher.vi" located in the "SET Language Editor" folder.
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Strings supported as of version 0.3.1:


Front Panel

- Custom Title

Front Panel Decoration Text
- All
Block Diagram String Constants (Not located within a structure)
- Extracted if Label Visible
- Labeled String Constants within Labeled Clusters will be extracted.
- Block Diagram Array Strings currently not supported. 
All front pane Controls
- Visible Captions
- Tip Strips
Boolean Controls
- Visible Boolean Text
Ring Controls
- Item Strings
String Controls
- Default Value
Run-Time Menus
- Item Name if Item Tag doesn't start with APP
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Thank you for making this toolkit free for us all to look at.  I was looking into making a similar (but much less sophisticated) toolkit.


A possible update:  The Add Language popup will only let you select from Languages already populated by the developer, ie you cannot "add" a language by typing the language while using the toolkit.  It looks like I would need to edit the Language Selector.ctl to add more languages, then reopen the toolkit in LabVIEW to add the language to my project.

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I will look into adding this feature. The reason why I made a static language list was because I link the language to its associated code page. I suppose that it would make more sense to store this information in a config file that the user can modify.

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Version has a LV2013 and LV2012 package available for download.


If you are running LV2013 or higher, please use the LV2013 package. I haven't had time to thoroughly test the LV2012 package.

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This toolkit is for edit-time language switching. I don't see why it wouldn't work. But I don't have the hardware or dev environment licenses to test it. Donations are welcome ;)

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    • By Porter
      The SET Localization Toolkit provides more convenient edit-time language switching support for LabVIEW 2013 projects.
      UI text is extracted from an existing project and stored in a localization file. Additional languages can be added then applied to the project using the apply language wizard.
      The idea is to be able to quickly apply a language to a project before distribution. Applying the language at edit-time allows you to fix up the UI in the target language. Change fonts and re-size controls so that it looks right before compiling it.
      - No modification of project's source code required. No additional dependencies.
      - Support for switching code pages.
      - Ability to define shared resources.
      - Resources referenced via UID. Changing labels of control does not break linkage.
      - Resources can be exported to CSV file for external translation.
      - Resources stored as UTF-16LE text.
      - Ability to translate RTM files.
      - Unicode support enabled in the LabVIEW.ini file
      - Download the ".vip" file and install using VI Package Manager 2014
      - Make sure that "UseUnicode=True" is set in the "labview.ini" file
      - From within any LabVIEW window, select "Tools->LAVA->SET Project Editor"
      GitHub: https://github.com/rfporter/SET-Toolkit
    • By vix
      I downloaded SET Localization Toolkit and installed in LabVIEW 2016.
      I set "UseUnicode=True" the "labview.ini" file
      I created a dummy example with a boolean button, trying to localize in Chinese (trad) - see attachment project.zip
      But neither in the "Preview VIs", nor in the VI itslef after having applied Chinese language I can see Chinese characters - see attachment image.png
      I'm almost sure I missed something, but I don't understand what.

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