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Queue/Dequeue issues


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I am trying to read the value of some data in a while loop from a sub-vi (attached as FTP WPF UDP below) into the top-level vi (attached as Proportional Controller VI) but I find that the data is timing out in my top-level vi whereas it runs smoothly withing the subvi. I have used the while loop and the timing in the subvi is synchronized to the external code that sends data via udp to the subvi. 

Is there a way you think this can be fixed?

Below is my attached code.

Thank you!


Proportional Controller.vi

FTB WPF UDP - Original.vi

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If you take a look at the subvi, where I am queueing data, you would see the FTP vi receives a certain data over a udp connection. I am sending data to this subvi from a different program. Trying to embed the subvi in the top vi works for the first 5 seconds or so and then it stops sensing the udp data. The loops are separated because I want to use the process data in a separate program. What exactly are you suggesting by your question, "What is the motivation for separating the loops"

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