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Thang Nguyen

TestStand should update step status in every loop interval

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I am using TestStand 2010 so if this information is not correct for later version, please help me remove this topic.


In TestStand, when there is a step does not run because of previous condition step like "If", the status of that step will be left as empty. This returns a clear visual affect, in debugging, that this step has not run. But if I have a condition step and another step under this condition. If in the first interval this step ran and in the second interval this step didn't run, it still keep the status from the first run interval.If I just put a break point at the begin of the loop and click play instead of go through each step, I will think that these step ran in the second interval. Should it be better if there is a flag or something indicates that this step did not run at all?



Thang Nguyen

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      I am trying to do the following (LabVIEW2019, TestStand2019, Windows 10)
      Create a new sub-property under RunState.Engine.TemporaryGlobals as Measurements.TestName_DateTimeStamp 
      My TS expression:
       //get a handle to runstate.engine.temporaryglobals
      Locals.tmp_prop_object = RunState.Engine.TemporaryGlobals,
      //create a new obj ref type property under this
      Locals.tmp_prop_object.AsPropertyObject.NewSubProperty(Locals.name1, PropValType_Reference, False, "",0),
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      Any pointers on how to achieve this?
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      RunState.Engine.TemporaryGlobals.RxGain12_16_58AM = Locals.tmp_obj_ref

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