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I've got a request to take test records from multiple stations and put them into a central system (likely a database) to pull reports from everyone. We used to have software to do this, but it's now a dead product. My management wants to look at an "off the shelf" solution. I was wondering what people are using to perform reports (production summary, histograms, etc.) on their data. 


We've got a sister division that has used Diadem, so I'm somewhat aware of that and what we would have to do to get that up. We've considered a couple of vendors, which have their own issues. We've considered building our own again.

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If you want an off-the-shelf product, you'll need to find one that understands the raw records.


What format is your records stored in?


I've done one TestStand project, and my client was happy to use TestStand's built-in reporting functionality. We configured the station such that each test produces an ATML file for easy viewing, and also inserts the data directly into a Microsoft SQL Server database for easy querying and processing.

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This might be way more than you are looking for in terms of functionality, but I am using a full cloud based Test Data Management system called http://www.skywats.com/.


It is a cloud base Test Results Database with Yield & Trent Analysis, UUT reports, Root Cause analysis and much much more. They provide a number of different ways of getting test results into the system, TestStand integration, LabVIEW Toolkit and also free trail.

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I've used DIAdem in the past, and it is quite flexible with data formats.  It supports several kinds, and then plugins can be made to support more, but with no additional plugins it works well with some Excel formats, and TDMS.  I know ATML works with a plugin, which is great for TestStand outputs.


That being said I have rolled my own (sorta) using the DataFinder toolkit and TDMS files.  You just point DataFinder to a folder of files to index, then you can perform queries with the LabVIEW API.  I made a neat interface and put it on a server so people could login and perform a search based on criteria they wanted.  Like the test completed after this date, ran by this user, on this tester, in this nest location, and passed.  Then my program could perform a basis Gage R&R showing how values changed between reports that met that criteria.

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If you want an off-the-shelf product, you'll need to find one that understands the raw records.


What format is your records stored in?


I have a CSV file for the measurements and a TDMS file for the waveforms. The portion of my code that saves the test record is a plugin, so the file format of the record can be altered fairly easily.

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