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I'll explain the application that I have to make.

I have a laser sensor (Scan Control) which rotates with an electric motor, it will measure a hole. For that, he turns and must to collect data for each grade of rotation. 180 / half turn -> 180 points / half turn. I have already a Labview program that translates the data sensor in mm.

Now I have to make a program to to synchronize the data acquisition.

I thought about two solutions:
-Drive will sent the triggeur (I do not know if it can be done)
-Analog encoder with a rising edge of the sine or cosine signal.
The encoder has 32,000 points per revolution (resolution) so it should acquire at each 32000/180 = 180 periods of the encoder signal.

How can I do this on Labview?

I hope I have expressed well,

Thank you in advance to all.

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This isn't so much a question of how to do this in LabVIEW as how to do this with the hardware you have. Are you using NI data acquisition cards? If so, then there is a way to bring the encoder in as a start scan trigger and there are examples that ship with LabVIEW on how to use an external clock with a data acquisition. You've not listed what data acquisition hardware you're using, so it's hard to provide more information.

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