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Tab Control Duplicate page


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    • By ASalcedo
      Hello to all.
      Thanks for helping me.
      I have developed an application in a laptop of 15.6 inches.
      Now I am creating a .EXE to deploy in a PLC of 15 inches.
      All my front panel is a tab control which has controls and indicators inside.
      The problem is that when I deploy de application I can not see a part of tab control (15 inches vs 15.6 inches).
      How can I fit tab control to 15 inches easyly?
      Thanks a lot.
    • By JMak
      Hi, I also posted this on the NI forums, as I can't find a solution... if anyone can help I'd be very grateful!
      I have a tab control set to change to a different page when the user's mouse enters or exits the tab control. The purpose of this is so that the tab control becomes invisible when coloured "transparent", depending on the user's mouse movement. This allows the full screen to be used for viewing the video when menus aren't needed, and menus can appear when the user moves into the tab area. There is also a button to lock the menu in place.
      This worked really well until I added some Text Rings to a sub tab menu. When the user clicks the drop down arrow, and hovers over the items, the event case registers as if the mouse has left the tab control, and the tab resets back to page 1 (blank page). I don't want this to happen, but I still want to use drop down menus as they are more concise and convenient than the alternatives (listboxes etc). This does not happen with buttons, and other controls, only with drop down menus as far as I know.
      Can anyone suggest a workaround? I have chosen this trigger method because it is less processor intensive than using the mouse move event coordinates to trigger the tabs to appear. I need to save as much processor time for video capture as possible. I have attached the vi below for you to see for yourself.
      Microscope test.vi
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