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Control “Augments"

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The attached VIPM contains an extension of Messenger Library that is intended to add extended functionality to controls/indicators, via a background process that is launched and which registers for the events of the control (the background process is a Messenger-Library “actor”).  This is meant to be an alternative to XControls.   Included are two “Augments”, both with examples.  See <examples>/drjdpowell/UI Augments/Examples/EXAMPLE Twin Cursor Graph Augment.  This takes any graph with two cursors and draws a line between the two and displays summary info of the data between the two cursors:

Example Augment, Twin Cursor.png

There is also a cross-section plotting for a 2D intensity chart:

Augment, Crossection plot.png


This package is in LabVIEW 2015, and requires Messenger Library (latest, in the LAVA-CR) and JSON LabVIEW and Shortcut menu from Cluster (both in the LAVA-CR).


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Forgot to add that a goal is to make adding functionality to controls easy, ideally a single subVI that can be called multiple times with different graph references.  Customization is via references to simple subVIs used to generate the text.  Below is the code of the first example.

Code for Twin Cursor Example.png


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