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Basic understanding sampling with DAQ 6343


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i have a question in basic understanding of update rate sample rate samples per buffer and cycles per buffer.

i have DAQ 6343 and electronic circuit. 

i'm using AO0 for generation sine wave at these frequencies 10Hz, 100Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 3kHz this signal enters to electronic circuit.

and after conversion i must to measure two outputs of this circuit by AI2 and AI3.

from my understanding of tech spec of the daq analog output update rate is 900kS/s and analog input update rate is 500kS/s

as i understand if i have freq = 3kHz the maximum sample rate per buffer is 300 samples

and if i have freq = 10Hz i can generate this signal with 90000 samples per buffer?

for analog input the formula is the same?

that meaning of cycles per buffer?

which sample rate of AI i need to setup to measure data fast and accurately? 


thanks for answers

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This boils down to Nyquist, which essentially says you can resolve an original signal at twice the sampling rate (According to the mathematics at least).  However it is recommended best practice to use a sample rate at least 8 times that of the signal you are trying to measure.  So for your 8KHz signal you will need to Sample at 24KHz at least.  If you are trying to look for other features within the signal (Rise times, Overshoots, Ripple noise etc) then you will probably need an even larger sample rate.

With the output signal the same thing applies but in reverse.  If you want to produce a 8KHz Output signal you really need to clock the data out at 24KHz at least, I believe the output clock rate can be set on those cards (It has been so long since I used AO)

In both cases though the more you over sample the smoother and more representative your aquired/generated signal 


NI white papers are usually pretty solid at explaining these types of things.


and Wiki


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