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Problems uploading files?

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As attachment at times I do. Not sure about the repeatability. Sometimes a timeout (when typing a message for more than x minutes I can neither attach nor submit, have to copy my text, refresh the page, paste, submit); sometimes I can from a computer but not from another.

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Yeah this is somewhat known.  Some times I have a page up for a while then go to reply, I type in a bunch of text and hit Submit Reply only for nothing to happen, but at least my text I entered is still there.  I will copy the text, refresh the page, paste it in, and reply will work due to a page timeout.  It is possible your page was just timing out and not allowing for uploads.  I'd suggest refreshing the page (copying what you entered first) then paste it, and then try to attach.  If you are still having issues I'll contact Michael, since this admin level issue isn't something I can really do anything about.

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I get "There was a problem uploading the file.”   Though in trying it just now, to get the exact message, I managed to load one image (but only one, then it failed again).

With replying, it just does nothing, except the “Submit Reply” button says “Saving...” for a moment.

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