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Set duty cycle using For loop counter


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I am trying to build a code that will automaticly read the pressure signal (as voltage) from 8 seperated valves and will write all the data recived to an excel sheet.

I want to ba able to change the blower speed with the indicator of the For loop. It works for the 1st. iteration (speed=0 full speed) but for the second iteration(speed=0.1) i get an error:

Error 5001 occurred at :

PWM Set Duty Cycle N Chans.vi >>
Set Duty Cycle.vi >>
Send Command.vi

Appreciate the help,

Sahar & Liat.


activate digital ports3.vi

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Is the VI you sent at all related? I don't see any read, any blower, any excel. Nor a for loop, for what matters. Besides I don't have any of this Digilent/LINX VIs. Not knowing the hardware, I can't say if calling in parallel two "Digital Write" and one "Set Duty cycle" is legal or is supposed to cause errors. What I can read from the code is only that since you have "Enable automatic error handling" enabled on in your VI properties (Execution), any error generated by the two bottom subVIs will pop up a dialog. What is for that toolset Error 5001 I don't know.

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