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Change to some classic control graphics

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Hello Everyone,


I noticed an interesting change today that I thought was worth mentioning.  I've been using the classic system button for some of my UI's.  It's flat and looks clean.  Less busy.  I noticed today that the graphics for this button are different from one of my PC's to another.  My laptop, which is running 2016.0, looks like the original.  My desktop which is running 2016.0f2 looks like the 'different' one.  Both 2016 but one has no depth graphic and one does.  I've dug through the menus folder and it looks like the classic and modern controls are not housed there, which makes sense really since they are probably proprietary.  I'd prefer the original look as it matches with the flat Windows 10 style that's in vogue right now.  Just something I noticed and thought was worth mentioning.







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Yes.  They are... however this was out of the classic palette.  Perhaps you've taught me something new.  I was under the impression that only system dependent controls are in the systems palette but I bet you are correct. The system button in the classic palette is OS dependent.

Good catch

Don't listen to my previous posts then because my conclusion was incorrect.


Also thank you for your observation.  



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I don’t know why the system buttons are also in the “classic” palette, but they are the same controls as in the “system” palette. 

BTW: If you use the non-system buttons you’ll lose the mouse-over “hover” effect (which, personally, I like a lot).   You can instead customize a system button by swiping the change-with-the-os-shapes for regular rectangles or simple PNGs (such as the buttons in Flatline Controls).

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