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Error 500 from forums.ni.com when logged in

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Not related to lavag.org, but forums.ni.com...and the problem prevents me from posting anything there, so I'll try here:

As soon as I log in on forums.ni.com, regardless of which machine or browser I use, I get server error 500 on all pages on forums.ni.com. So I'm effectively locked out of ni's discussion forums.

I've tried requesting help on this by creating a service request at ni.com, but the only reply I got back was that they did not handle web site trouble so please post it here *** instead...Which I did, with no reply at all.

Has anyone else experience this? Error 500 is server side as far as I know, and as I mentioned it does not really matter what I use to browse the page...so my guess is that there is something wrong with my account that NI has to fix.

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Seems to have been triggered by an automatic update on a Palo Alto firewall yes...

It does not block anything when I'm not logged in, and the URL does not change when you are logged in so I have not pin-pointed what the issue is yet, but anyway.

(Created a Virtual Machine on Google Cloud just to prove the issue to the firewall admin. Quick and easy solution if you need access to a clean test PC on the outside of the firewall by the way...:)).

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We found the solution now - and it was not the firewall. Two cookies had to be deleted, but only those two (so deleting all cookies did not solve anything). The two cookies were an_ca and an_cci. Perhaps the reason was that the two contained street addresses with Norwegian characters...I do not know that yet. I've sent the info to NI.

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