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An issue in Compare Golden Template in for loop (vision)

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Hi to all,


First of all thanks a lot for reading this post and being able to help.


I am trying to use Imaq Compare Golden Template vi in a for loop.

I am trying to do the next:


1- I have 3 templates and 1 image inspection.

2- The templates are in the image inspection. So image that the image inspection is an image with a big 1 2 3 numbers. So the templates are 1, then 2, and then 3. An for loop has 3 iterations.

3- In each iteration I pass a template, with IMAQ pattern matching vi template is found in an image (getting bounding box) and then do the compare golden template to get the defects (differences between template and image).


I am doing the program based on this example "LabVIEW\examples\Vision\Golden Template Comparison\Golden Template Inspection.vi"


My program is the next:



In the program I have three images (Cam1_PROD_display, Cam1_PROD_display2, Cam1_PROD_display3) with defects drawn in each templates, I mean, defects in template 1 are drawn in Cam1_PROD_display, defects in template 2 are drawn in Cam1_PROD_display2, defects in template 3 are drawn in Cam1_PROD_display3. Something like this:



-Templates are three (1, 2, 3):



- And the displays Cam1_PROD_display, Cam1_PROD_display2, Cam1_PROD_display3 show the next in each display (with defects in red):




- But I want just one display which shows all defects in one image like this:



How can I do that with the code that I have?


I think that I have to do some operations (merge) of the three displays in one.


Any ideas?


Thanks a lot. 





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