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Remove FP border when Modal Selected

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I'm trying to make a VI where Front Panel Controls and Indicators should be visible but background must be transparent. 

I tried attached VI, Its working when I m selecting Windows Behavior as "Floating" but When I tried Windows behavior as "Modal", its showing a white border. I want to eliminate border when "Modal" is selected. Is there any solution? 








TestVI Folder.zip

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    • By jackscl
      Hi Everyone,
      This days, I meet a strange thing: The exe created by LabVIEW might be no-acitve status anytime when my customer use it to get current data from 6485 and product SN from a Bar code scanning gun then recording data by NPIO .Unfortunately I have a long time business travel.
      My customer ask me to solve it -- he does not like  using mouse to click the exe to active it. 
      Hence I want to use winapi detect my UI's status and make it activity.But it does not work well .... 

      When I click the desktop , the front panel will be as this status.The problem is that I still can't input keyboard.
      Another: I find that the focuse threat should be the UI THREAT ,But I can't get this vi's threat by GetCurrentThreat().
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    • By Grey
      I developed my application and given to the production. It is running successfully.
      I want to give my email address at front panel and if the user clicks the email it should open the outlook email. same way i want to give the website link too. it should open the site when the user clicks on it.
      Any idea how to do this!
    • By DaVinzi
      Hello everyone,
      Welcome to my first post with which I hope to not embarrass myself
      I'm currently working on an application in which my main-VI produces a pop-up on startup. It is implemented such, that the main-VI simply calls a SubVI in which I use according invoke- and property-nodes to make sure that the frontpanel is shown in the correct size/postion/etc. - you konw the drill.
      The pop-up contains a list of checkboxes that the user has to check manually - it is a checklist in that sense. Once he completed checking the appropriate boxes the user can close the subVI frontpanel and continue with the actual application.
      I have set the "window behavior" (VI Properties>Window Appearance>Customize) to "modal" since I want the frontpanel to be frontmost and obligatory to complete before he can continue on the main-VI.
      However, here is my problem:
      After building the application/installer, when I run the application the pop-up does show up, but the window is not showing modal behavior, i.e. without even completing the checklist I can already use the application in the main-VI.
      I assume, when the application is built/run, only the VI properties of the main-VI are considered relevant for the execution and the VI-properties of the subVI are not even registered.
      So how can I make sure, that the subVI frontplanel behaves as intended in the final application?
      Cheers, and I hope I provided the necessary information to give you an idea of the issue.
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