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[CR] Unrestricted Invoke Node.xnode

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Unrestricted Invoke Node.xnode

One of the difficulties with editing XNodes without the license is that invoke nodes for the XNode class don't show any methods.
This XNode acts pretty much like a real Invoke node, but it allows access to all possible methods.
You can also right-click and replace it with a real Invoke node.

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In addition to this being a useful tool for development, I also this this helps demonstrate how to do some commonly requested things in XNodes.  This can be seen as a template on how to handle updating the icon based on other objects, filling in the help from other sources, handling single clicking, right clicking, and replacing with non-XNode code via a right click.  If anyone is looking to make a well done XNode I'd suggest looking at how some of these things are done with this one.

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