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start with xml data


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Do a match pattern on those: 

"<Name>Test 1</Name>


and then on "<NumElts>"

By getting the character position in the file, you can easily replace the value in between with anew one.

repeat with 

<Name>Test 2</Name>


But why do you want to replace those value? are they already real measurement from real device?

I have Ethical concern on what you are trying to do.


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2 hours ago, qwerty3321 said:

Where did you get this XML document from? It is corrupted (There are many stray "-" characters, so XML parsers will give you an error)

Also, take the time to follow @crossrulz's advice:

On 11/26/2018 at 6:46 PM, crossrulz said:

1. Help->Find Examples.  Do a search for XML

2. Go look at packages in VIPM.  NI has a Simple XML library that I used to figure some things out.  Then JKI and MGI have their own XML packages you can have a look at.


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15 hours ago, qwerty3321 said:

can you show me how to fetch the name and value of two elements of cluster test1 and test2 using xml palette please

Why do you refuse to use the code that @Benoit already wrote for you?

Like I said before, your XML file is corrupted. The XML palette won't work on it.

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