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    • By Elancheran
      Hi Everyone,
            I am trying to play the video in reverse decrementing the frame number in IMAQ Read Frame function. Its working but the result is very choppy as every frame takes significant time to load, but when I just increment the frame number and play the video forward, its executing without any problem. I have attached the VI and info regarding the video, could you guys please let me know why I am having problem when I am trying to display the video in the reverse order.
      Playing AVI file.vi

    • By bjustice
      Hey guys!
      So, I've installed LabVIEW 2017 and I'm starting to play around with it.  Malleable VIs are cool!  (No more giant OpenG toolkits where there are 10 instances of the same VI for multiple datatypes.)
      Another cool thing that I've observed is that the example "sort 2D Array" function can support a scalar and an array input for index.  Upon further digging, there appears to be an interesting disable structure that intelligently selects the upstream input that yields non-broken code. 
      Does anyone have more information about this structure?  Is this related to the experimental structure that Hooovah talked about in his Xnodes presentation at NI week?  I'm just curious if this is stable... and if I can start using it... and it there is any documentation on it that would tell me how to use it.

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