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The Cutting Room Floor: Interesting finds in LabVIEW resource files


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Found the icon for Select Menu Item. Also I tried applying that "add supports 2 ddt" conpane to a VI, and it turns out it's a hidden one that's not normally selectable.


Actually, here's all the icons in lvicon.rsc. I also put up a Web page where you can hover the cursor over one and see its description.


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Few interesting things in lvdialog.rsc:


This file contains a good number of dialogs used by LabVIEW as VI files. None of them have block diagrams, probably because they're programmed directly in C. These three stood out as interesting, though they might not be at all. The dialog on the right, specifically, was listed under a name that suggests it's used for adding built-in functions to the palette. Perhaps some NI-internal feature just waiting for the right INI key or license?

By the way, that weird "User Item" object placeable via scripting (or my Place By Style plugin, which I guess still counts as scripting) shows up here a lot, usually where images would show up. I guess it's a placeholder control that just does whatever the connected C code is programmed for.

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1 hour ago, Rolf Kalbermatter said:

This is a reference to Monnie Anderson who worked at NI long long ago. Not sure where he is now.

Yeah I figured; I saw a lot of references to him on Google and no one else named Monnie in relation to NI. Also naturally I assumed it was a woman, because Monnie is generally a woman's name--so much so that I accidentally typed "her" at first when replying to you ๐Ÿ˜†

54 minutes ago, viSci said:

along time ago I ran across an interesting paper by Monnie.


I used some of his ideas as the basis for this...



I've actually seen that before, at the Maryland Science Center. You may remember my thread about it from a while back :)

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