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High CPU Usage to display a slider

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6 minutes ago, drjdpowell said:

If you replace with an unmodified slider direct from Flatline does the problem come back?

Will check it out. I am on a new laptop so need to install the Flatline controls again.

Edit: no everything seems to be behaving now. One strange thing, I see the latest Flatline slider has a round grab handle; has it always been like this? If so then I have no idea where I got my slider from as mine has a rectangular grab handle.

Anyway, for now just going to use the system control (which is not ideal as I would like to be able to colour the grab handle to match some other colours on my GUI).

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20 minutes ago, drjdpowell said:

I investigated, and it is because you made the two incr/decr arrows transparent.  I've had suspicions in the past that there is something buggy about colouring things transparent.  

Thanks James. I may be able to fix this then by colouring those arrows to be the same as my background colour rather than transparent.

Edit: even more strangely, colouring them a colour and then back to transparent causes the problem to go away

Edit2: LabVIEW is now behaving but the exe displays the same problem. I am going to leave this for now and just use the system control. If I get a moment I will try and fix it but for now I am moving on.

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You can either use a transparent PNG (there is one in "<vi.lib>\JDP Science\Flatline Controls\Transparencies\Full Transparent.png") which, strangely, is not the same as colouring something transparent.   But the best option, if you don't want the User to be able to click on those arrows, is just to make them very small and hide them behind the main body of the slider.

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