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delaying an enumeration

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I have a VI that is very complex that i did not write. Needless to say life is difficult right now

I need to do the following. 

The VI outputs a certain enumeration if there is no error.

AKA a complete bit 

However, the complete is happening to fast. I would like to delay the output of this enumeration just by a second

Is there any simple way to do this?



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32 minutes ago, rscott9399 said:

I have a VI that is very complex that i did not write. Needless to say life is difficult right now


AKA a complete bit 

Thank you very much, this just made my day 🤣

11 minutes ago, rscott9399 said:

I have gone to the example folders and found the folder but its not in there

You'll find the function on your palette under Timing.

Alternatively press Ctrl+Space and write "Stall Data Flow", it should appear in the list.

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I have discoverd what the problem is

This is a CRIO real time application

The Stall Data can not be used on the RT side apparently. 

When i go to my host i can search for the VI and it will come up.

So back to the 20 million dollar question, how do i delay this data flow for a split second on the RT side


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I did try to copy the VIM from the example and import it into the RT part of the project

It gave me a conflict that appears to be caused by the fact that LABVIEW knows the file is there but i am telling it to use a different path which is just a copy of it saved to my desktop


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On 4/30/2019 at 1:46 PM, rscott9399 said:

The stall appears to have worked. You all are Steeley Eyed Missile Men

10 points if you can name that movie


Apollo 13? (It's a NASA saying)

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6 hours ago, ShaunR said:

Well. I didn't even get one like, let alone 10 point:rolleyes:

It's like real life - overpromised and underdelivered. Now others have to fix it 😋

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