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Programmatically Turn AutoTool On/Off

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I'm working on a test executive framework (for both test execution and development).  The test step editor places the block diagram of a test wrapper VI in a SubPanel.  It works fine, but when the framework is running, within that panel, you can't change tools by tabbing.  I want the test executive to turn on AutoTool selection so the test engineers using it won't have to.

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I looked at App:Tool Number... it's code has never been implemented (which is why it is still private, presumably). Someone put it in as a placeholder and then decided they didn't actually need it. Should have been backed out but wasn't.

I don't know of any programmatic control over the autotool. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but I don't know of any.
Can you fire a shift+tab key at LabVIEW using OS calls before the framework starts running?

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7 hours ago, paul_cardinale said:

Ok.  As an alternative, is there a way to get the tab key to function as a tool selector on a block diagram that's in a SubPanel of a running VI?

(It seems that the VI that owns the SubPanel is swallowing the keystrokes).

Probably not. LabVIEW gets out of the way of the running front panel for you to have full control of your app, but there's never been a reason for us to do that for a block diagram. I doubt there's a way to achieve what you're trying to do in LV as it stands.

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