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LabVIEW Community Edition & Raspberry Pi Zero W

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That's a good question. I know it's not officially supported in the LINX documentation. I think it has to do with the type of ARM processor used on the zero vs the Pi 4 (for example). I just received a Pi zero, in my hands and will be trying that out soon. So I'll let you know if I find out anything. I remember seeing some info by someone in the community working on this and will post any info i find.

Edit: LINX toolkit does not support Pi Zero. If you need a small form factor Pi then look for a device with the same or similar CPU.

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5 hours ago, Aristos Queue said:
Official answer from folks at NI: The answer is unfortunately no. We compile our VIs for ARM V7 architecture. Pi Zero is less capable, doesn’t support all instructions.

Does that mean the toolkit is compatible with any ARM V7 Pi? A simple compatibility list/chart would be helpful. I'm looking at the Pi Compute 3+ for example as well as Pi 3 and 4.

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29 minutes ago, Jordan Kuehn said:

Does that mean the toolkit is compatible with any ARM V7 Pi?

I went to ask. 🙂 Answer:

Yes. ARM V7 Pi or greater. The ARM standard is very hard to keep straight. Various vendors add their own suffix and number to indicate something they extended. I believe the correct statement is that we require that it have ARM architecture of ARMv7 or greater, as shown on the Wikipedia page. There will likely be some corner case that makes it harder to describe. As an example of confusion, the ARM8 is actually an ARMv4, the ARM11 is a V6, the Cortex M3 is a V7, etc.

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