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LV2020 Project Save Weirdness

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Following up from some of the information here. This is the bug I am seeing regularly in LV2020

When I close a project I never want to defer these changes, I am used to this option being "dont save changes". See the video, it shows clearly what is happening. As can be seen from the video if I re-open the same project from the Getting Started Window it opens instantaneously which is further proof that it is not actually closed. I really hope this is not a new feature, this is really dangerous behaviour as you think the project is closed so go to commit files or whatever.

This has been reported to NI, no CAR as yet.

Anyone else seeing behaviour like this?



2020-07-25 18-46-58.mkv

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That looks insidious indeed. It definitely doesn't work this way in 2019 SP1. This is the kind of mental note (close LV and restart to clear up memory) I would certainly forget every now and then.

I am refraining from upgrading without pressing reasons, since chances are I will lose access to support for old NI hardware I haven't replaced yet (by non-NI ones, of course!). I realized too late I should have stuck to 2018 SP1 for hardware reasons (and as I described recently in the thread you linked to, because of a newly introduced project explorer bug among others).

2020 seems to be one of those years we will try our best to forget about ASAP... 

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2 hours ago, Neil Pate said:

Unfortunately I really need the TLS feature of TCP/IP connections so am going to have to lump it. I agree though 2020 feels like one of the "skip" releases.

That's the only thing I had noticed... as overdue (although of no use to me). 

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18 hours ago, Neil Pate said:

Another weird thing. When I close a project it often does not close the open VIs that are part of the project!

Maybe my installation is just busticated.

I get that one some projects and not others. I'm used to being able to close out the project and it closing everything else out and prompting to save. But I don't think that's only on 2020, I have it in 2018 as well, same projects.

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