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Reset Low level TCP connection on LV2018


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Today i have one problem with simple TCP client connexion on one serveur. My test program is very simple: Open connexion, Send order, wait reply and close connexion.

It work few day correctly, but today it bug and i always obtein error 56 when i run it.


My server is ok because i have test in the same time with non LV program and with the same program on LV2011 and all run correctly.

The only way is to restart LV2018 to un lock situation., but it's a bit strong as solution.

Is there a way to avoid that and find a soft way to identity the blocking point  and reset low level tcp connexion ?

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2 hours ago, Antoine Chalons said:

It comes from OpenG, see here :


Ahhh I see, that one had however no string input at that point.

But now it's important to know on which platform this executes!!

I don't think this VI is a good method to use in implementing a protocol driver, given LabVIEWs multiplatform nature. The appended EOL will depend on the platform this code runs, while your device you are talking with most likely does not care if it is contacted by a program running on Windows, Mac or Linux but simply expects a specific EOL. Any other EOL is bound to cause difficulties! 

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