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How to do a grouped stacked bar charts in LabVIEW?

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Hello! I'm having trouble to do this horizontal grouped stacked bar charts in LabVIEW as shown in first picture above and I tried to search online but I can't find any solutions for this.

As of now, I have successfully did the horizontal stacked bar charts for one category only (TestingLeadTime, SubmissionLeadTime & ApproveLeadTime), but i can't do it for grouped category. The second picture is my data while below is my LabVIEW coding and also the current result. Anyone knows how to get both my LeadTime and ActualTime as a grouped stacked bar charts?

Thank you so much in advanced.



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It's not entirely clear what you are trying to do, but I don't see anything in the code that makes sure that the Y coordinates of the two sub-groups are different. I mean the ActualXxxxx bars are simply obscured by the other stack.

When bulding the ActualXxxxx stack, add some offset to the i iterator inside the last loop to offset Y a bit. You have to fiddle around the other stack too probably, it will by quite tricky to fine-tune the properties to get the graph you want, but should be doable if the number of stacks and the size of the graph is fixed.

I think...

For these types of diagrams I usually go for the normal "fill to plot" method with a normal line diagram (not a bar plot!), I build both the top and bottom line of the bar. This way I have full control of the sizes of the plots.


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If you switch the disabled structures, it shows you how it works better.
Using the Graph.Plot feature is just an option, I would probably use a separate Picture conttrol to the left of the Graph that hold the titles.
Or when we want to have nice/different types of plot we use a WebBrowser container with html/javascrip code.


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