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don't be too quick to install LV2019 SP1 f4

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I'm not sure what you mean... I never install VIPM via NIPM, it only offers an out of date version.

But being stuck now, I've completely un-installed VIPM and VIPM runtime, and re-installed it from NIPM and I get the same error.

I guess I should un-install LV2019 and re-install only up to 2019 f3... but that's going to take a long time :(

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Does the Patch update somehow also contain VIPM? Seeing that it is a patch it probably doesn't but it's worth checking. When you install packages through NIPM you can usually select sub packages that are or are not installed. Default is to install everything but if there is a selection possibility (the Full LabVIEW installer gives you an option to deselect VIPM), then you can control what gets really installed.

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