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Broken wire in runnable VI

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This is not a montage.

This VI was running and giving expected results.

I suspect the malleable VI (Get config section from TOML file) to be somehow responsible for this visual artifact.

After hitting ctrl + B, the broken parts of the wires were removed, I reconnected and that's it.

Is this a known issue ?

LV2020 v20.0.1


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53 minutes ago, ThomasGutzler said:

Have you tried quick-drop replacing a vi with a vim that has a different connector pane? The wires just connect to nothing, don't break and there's no indication that anything went wrong until you try to build it.



Can you please wave this in NI's face? https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-2021-Public-Beta/bd-p/labview-2021-beta

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