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Connect CVS-1459 with myRIO

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Our current instrument is using CVS-1459. We have a laser device in the instrument. Normally the laser has a separated controller which let us controlled by using serial port or TCP/IP. We are trying a new laser device which only allow to control through DB25 with analog I/O and digital I/O. I figured that I can use a cheap controller as myRIO since my CVS does not support DAQmx to connect with a DAQ device. Now I have no idea how to connect CVS-1459 with myRIO. myRIO uses USB to Ethernet cable. I configure the Ethernet Adapter usb0 on the CVS to the same IP subnet with myRIO but I still cannot ping it. What is the other option I can use for my connection between CVS and myRIO or option to control the laser?

Thank you in advance!

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18 hours ago, Thang Nguyen said:


 I figured that I can use a cheap controller as myRIO since my CVS does not support DAQmx to connect with a DAQ device.

The myRIO does not support DAQmx as well.

And it would be great if you give us your network settings and not just a "same subnet is used".

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On 10/29/2021 at 6:05 PM, Thang Nguyen said:

I contacted NI support and they confirm that CVS/cRIO will not be able to connect with myRIO.

That's quite a blanket statement. I'm sure it can be done, not directly but the myRIO does have a Wifi interface, and all cRIO have wired Ethernet. So if you have a Wifi router that you can let the myRIO connect to, you can certainly connect it to the cRIO which all have wired Ethernet in one way or the other. It also support Ethernet over USB but that is generally only easily usable to connect from a computer to the device. In order to connect this to another device like a cRIO connected to the network, you would have to somehow bridge the virtual USB network adapter with the normal network interface. It's possible but not straightforward.

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