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Failure to run a LabVIEW 2021 standalone app on macOS Monterey


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I usually develop LabVIEW code on and for Windows (I used a MBP in the past, but exclusively developed within a Windows VM running on Parallel Desktop).

A colleague of mine wanted to run an old app I had released on macOS a few years ago (labVIEW 17 was in the error log), and he reported that the app did not run anymore.

I figured that since he was using macOS Monterey on an Intel MBP, there might be a chance that releasing the app using LV 2021 would work. Since my MBP runs macOS Catalina, I released it on that, sent him the executable and instructed him to download the 2021 RTE.

That still doesn't work. I can't even make sense of the mangled error message he sent me.

I know that Monterey is not even a term on NI's website, but I would assume that some have tried it already and maybe even released LabVIEW apps on it.

Any hint as to what could be a problem in my workflow would be helpful.


PS: the app is native G, there is no .NET, Active X or whatnot. I can actually upload the executable if someone wants to try it out on a Monterey Mac.

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Sending my source code to my colleague, he was able to run it as a LV 2021 VI on macOS Monterey, which makes me hopeful that it can be released as a standalone app compatible for this platform, but I am not clear why doing so from a Catalina platform fails.

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@mahgust BTW, my problem was not to run this standalone app on a M1 machine. The target was an Intel MBP running Monterey. Running it on M1 silicon would be even less likely to work. This being said, if you manage to get it to work, that would be a useful datapoint for me (NI is clueless and doesn't seem to be able to read my report correctly, so I gave up on them).

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