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Install Matlab with NI Package Manager?

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Hi Guys,


is there a (clean) way to install Matlab with NI Package Manager?

I need some mat-Scripts (local .m-Files) for my software and make sure the right version is installed. (as we use package manger, and I am not that familiar with it, it would be nice to have one software package rather than someone have to install the software one by another)

The scripts are called in the software and needed to be changed by some other developers, without entering LabVIEW 😕





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That's almost like asking if you can install a GM engine into a Toyota. 😀

Answer is yes you can if you are able to rework the chassis, and make just about a few thousand other modifications. But don't expect support from either of the two if you ran into a snag.

More seriously, you may also run into license issues.

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With packages you can include files (e.g. an installer), and put them where you want them. You can also call post-install scripts. I think if there is a way to call the installer silently from the CLI you could script this. You are starting to tread on IT's world though, but sometimes you need to get it done and for it to work so perhaps you are best off doing it yourself this way :D Seriously though if they have the systems in a domain or something they might be able to handle the environment setup independently of your NI packages.

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Hey :)

thanks for your answers!


Just found out about the Post-Install Script calls :)

This will work fine for me. Its the first time working with package builder and I missed the possibility for scripts in my first look. --> this will do the job :)


by the way I kinda like this thing (package builder). :)

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3 hours ago, SayMaster said:

by the way I kinda like this thing (package builder). :)

It's a good thing. Unfortunately NI seemed to have stopped in various areas to fully implement features at the moment they got barely usable, not implementing certain fundamental things for some reason and concentrating their efforts on others that are highly specialistic and obscure. And documentation is pretty minimal to say the least.

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@Admin: I just recognized I am in the wrong section, is it possible to move my post?


@Rolf Kalbermatter: maybe you have an idea for me, I struggle with an idea:

I want to build 2 Repositories:


Config Files Version 1.0.3

VIs Version 1.0.6



Config File Version 1.0.1

VIs Version 1.0.10


But somehow I am too stupid find the right Version Tab to do this... I the repository Tab there is only "Latest Build" as a selection...



feels a little strange?

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5 hours ago, SayMaster said:

@Admin: I just recognized I am in the wrong section, is it possible to move my post?

It's fine I moved it to a category I think fits.  The Lounge would also work, which is a catch all.  In the future feel free to use the Report to Moderator function giving text about what you want to have happen to a thread.

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