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PowerPoint Programming

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I wanted to have a 2D drawing of my house's layout, so I could find have a clear picture of what outlets and lights were on what breakers.  I ended up using PowerPoint because it had tons of shapes and was easy to use.  I tried a couple of other 2D drawing things first but for a one off I figured it was easy enough.  I showed it to a friend who was impressed that it was PowerPoint.  Here it is, not quite finished.


But this reminded me of a presentation I saw a couple years ago about how PowerPoint has lots of unused powerful features.

It is an hour long, so maybe skip out on some in the middle.  But experimenting with the morph features, 3D models, fractals, context aware designs, and using it for full screen programs are some of the topics.  I especially love the library of 3D models.

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I knew if I posted this image, there would people over analyzing it...because that's what I'd do.  The downstairs is actually the kids play area, and a utility room with laundry, water heater, and furnace.  There isn't much furniture like the other rooms because it is just a place for large amounts of coloring, painting, and toys.  But it isn't done yet.  I also have the reverse of this, which is the traditional breaker list, with words describing what it controls.  The garage is a separate subpanel but I don't think I'll do the layout on it since it is so simple, and I can turn the whole thing off if I need to work on something.

I don't plan on moving for a while, but I hope whoever gets this house after me appreciates this.

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