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I have a GiGe camera Basler. I have created a ring acquisition like the exemple IMAQdx with circular buffer. I load an image every 15ms and I add it in a Vi type FGV (cf. Stock Images.png). In the FGV vi,  I create 2 tables. One is for the timestamps and the seconds is for the images. I use the timestamp table juste for keep the last 15s. If my test crash I save the images table. 

If I use the Vi to look at the timestamp of my image table, it is not the same timestamp as when I added the image in the table (cf. Save Images.png). Why? The propreties IMAQdxReceiveTimestampHigh and IMAQdxReceiveTimestampLow are not attached to the images? 

I hope you understand my English 🙂 (thank you deepl)


François A.

Save Images.png

Stock images.png

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In fact with IMAQdx, I want to create a 15s frame buffer, at a rate of about 60fps. A priori the image data I'm trying to store must be a reference. So it can't work. If I convert the reference to a Variant I have the same problem. And if I flatten it into a string, my execution time becomes too long...

Does anyone have an idea or an advice?


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