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Assistance with Old Tabor plug and play drivers- can't find .dll file


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I need to get a VI with some Old Tabor Drivers working.  I have installed the particular drivers from NI.com but I am getting an error stating a .dll cannot be loaded.   If I open the Call Library Function Node it is expecting the .dll to be at C:\VXIPNP\WinNT\Bin\ww257x_32.dll .   Since this location does not exist for Windows 10, I tried creating that folder and putting the .dll there and that did not work.  I tried pointing to other locations as well and still no luck.  Does anyone more familiar with how .dlls should work have an pointers (no pun intended) for how to get this garbage working?



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2 hours ago, ShaunR said:

First point is it looks like it is a 32 bit DLL. Are you using 32 bit LabVIEW? (LabVIEW 64 bit for 64 bit DLL's)

If you are using LabVIEW 32 bit for the 32 bit DLL then check all dependencies are available using something like "Dependency Walker". It will tell you what is missing or cannot be found for LabVIEW to load the DLL.

ShaunR- thank you for your response.  I'm using LV2018 32bit to attempt to get this old stuff working so the bitness should be OK.  I used "Depenency Walker" as you suggested and while I'm sure I don't understand everything it shows it appears that there are a bunch of missing dependencies so it looks like there is an issue with the driver installer.

Appreciate the help-


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As I see, ww257x_32.dll statically depends on the following:

  • TE5351.dll
  • TeViEnet.dll
  • cvirt.dll

The first two are in the same "WW-257X IVI Driver 1.1.14" archive and for the latter you may try installing LabWindows/CVI Runtime (Legacy) or LabWindows/CVI Runtime for 8.5 version as suggested on the driver page. Besides of that both TE5351.dll and TeViEnet.dll depend on VISA32.dll, so you should have NI-VISA 4.6 (or above) installed too. Plus there's IVI Compliance Package 3.2 requirement.

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