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OpenG array update will force all my VIs using it to recompile

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I updated recently all my OpenG packages from VIPM directly (OpenG array with LabVIEW 2020). Since I'm using them a lot, I thought it was the correct move. However, by opening afterwards VIs using openG, they got the start and are forced to recompile. Since I'm using Gitlab, I would like to avoid a commit on all my projects because of that.

Do you have a better solution? Am I doing something wrong?

thanks and regards,


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The change to "librarize" all OpenG functions is a real change in terms of requiring any and every caller to need to be recompiled. This can't be avoided so I'm afraid you will either have to bite the sour apple and make a massive commit or keep using the last OpenG version that was not moved to libraries (which in the long run is of course not a solution).

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