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[CR] Array Point to RowCol

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File Name: Array Point to RowCol

File Submitter: dsaunders

File Submitted: 3 Aug 2006

File Updated: 22 Oct 2006

File Category: User Interface

Converts a pixel coordinate to an array index. Returns an array of indices with a length equal to the number of array dimensions. Also returns if the point is within the content rectangle (not on the caption, scrollbars, etc.)

Works on any N-dimensional array regardless of visibility of caption, label, index display, or scrollbars. Designed to be used on mouse events that provide the mouse coordinates.

Limitations: Property nodes do not indicate the array border width, nor if the user has chosen to display an element gap. These inputs are thus provided on the VI.

Click here to download this file

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Great VI!

One comment: I think that the GObj.OwningVI property generates (opens) a new VI reference and should therefore be closed, after one's done using it.



Good eye. I had a subVI to handle the panel defer, and obviously didn't check the new code quite enough. I will update the VI.

David Saunders

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