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Linear Actuator


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Actuators need a controller and an amplifier. LV communicates with the controller. I've used rotary actuators that had built-in controllers and amplifiers, but they were serial devices and a "driver" wasn't needed. I know a few of the bigger motion control companies (Aerotech, Parker) will sell you "Software Development Kits" :laugh: for LabVIEW if you are going the separate controller/amplifier route.

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QUOTE (Hansell @ Jul 22 2008, 01:09 PM)

Try http://www.copleymotion.com/' rel='nofollow' target="_blank">Copley Motion? I've been controlling their stepper motor amplifiers through LabVIEW (they provide a free ActiveX component and LabVIEW examples). They work well in my application and were simple to set up. I haven't used their linear actuators but I'm willing to guess that they're equally easy to use.

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What sort of force and frequency response are you after?

All the actuators I work with at work, are fed an analogue signal that controls the shuttle in the servo, A PID loop is then used to control the displacement or load.

Can you give a bit more information on the application?

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QUOTE (Hansell @ Jul 22 2008, 07:09 PM)


Maxon has LabVIEW drivers for its drives RS232/CAN-bus

I used a maxon motor/drive with RS232 driver for a test bench - works great...

What is your application?

What do you need to do?

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