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Tab Control with Panes

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LabVIEW offers two great features for nice user interfaces: tab controls and splitter bars.

It's really a pity, that you cannot combine them by setting splitter bars on the pages of tab controls.

My typical use case for this is a tab control with "Fit Control to Pane".

On a page of this tab control there might be a tree control that should use the entire height of the tab page an keep a constant width.

On the right side of this tree cotrol there might be a graph that should use all the rest of the space available.

I know how to programm this manually. I know how to get this effect by using a sub-panel and simulating a tab control.

But I would really appreciate beeing able to use the "natural" way of setting splitter bars on tab pages.

As far as I understad the logic of splitter bars, they can only be used on panes.

So the tab control would need to be redesigned in a way that it's pages are real panes.

(or maybe there could be a new additional "Pane Tab Control" or something?)

I have no idea how much effort this wold take NI R&D, but it would really be a great feature for building professional user interfaces that are not bound to a fixed screen resolution!

What do others think?

Is this a good idea?

Would you use this feature in you own applications, if it was available?

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As you can see from the screen shot, there is a way to use splitter bars on tab controls. However, it is not a direct way. In this case the tab control is displaying an XControl. The XControl has on its facade an XY-Graph and a Multicolumn list box, which are separated by a splitter bar. Works nicely but is probably not practical for most applications.


I do agree that a simpler support for this would be nice.

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QUOTE (hfettig @ Sep 3 2008, 04:28 AM)

I also agree that it would be a great feature to add to LV. Has this been submitted directly to LV? I know that SOMEONE (or several someones) here on LAVA just might work for NI and could see that the suggestion goes to the right place, but I also think someone posted a link FOR that "right place" that the rest of us could use for just this purpose. Anybody know what that link was?

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QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ Sep 3 2008, 05:15 PM)

I didn't post this suggestion there yet. Before doing this, I wanted to get some feedback from other LAVA members.

But I will definitely do this sometime during the next days!

Thanks to everyone for your feedback until now!

Any other aspects of this topic that should be mentioned?

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