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have too much free times on your hands.. try Tetris in HD !

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Wow I thought I had it bad. I found that if you hold the down key (making the blocks drop faster) then click on a different window, it continues to think the down key it pressed even after you release it. So I only lasted an hour and 16 minutes.


But seriously who would ever play this for a long duration. It hurt my eyes just for the 2 minutes I tried playing seriously. Maybe that means I need a higher resolution monitor with a huge projector.

One of the first things I did when I was learning how to use LabVIEW was I would open the tetris demo in the example finder (Building User Interfaces/Acquiring User Input/Keyboard and Mouse/Keyboard Puzzle Game.vi) and I would tweak the game, adding rows or columns. This essentially did what this HD tetris does and makes the game less fun.

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