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    Attached is my solution to the Car Wash example. I completed it in 4 hours, but found it much more challenging to finish in the time constraint than the Boiler. This is my first attempt at solving with a producer/consumer architecture. Any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated! CLD Exam 3 - Car Wash - 80.zip
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    Another year, another tiny bit of progress. I have modified my overall architecture to use my current Actor based framework. Next step is to have control over Player 2, implement the basic weapons and then start to implement the AI. Lots of great stuff still to get stuck into. LabMelee v2 2018_07_06 22_44_28.mp4
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    I suspect one of your actors, or something it calls, is broken in the build. "Async Launch Shell" is what calls all the actors, and any one being broken will throw an error like this. What I would do to debug is build all my actors as separate EXEs. Even if they don't do anything when run by themselves they should at least run. See if you get an error in building one of them. Unfortunately, debugging EXE problems is very painful and time-consuming. You could try re-asking your question on the main "Messenger Library" thread, as other developers who use it on RT have posted there and may have advice.

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