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    Having spent this morning trying to deal with vipm I have two additional suggested requirements: 1-Dont require a GB of RAM to unzip a few files 2-Dont dick around with the windows API every few seconds in an attempt to get the user's attention 3-while performing long running operations, don't queue up 10M instances of a 'refresh' message so when the long running operation completes your user is still sitting there for five minutes watching the screen refresh.
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    I think it sums it more or less up. I would NOT bother about license installation at this time. The NI 3rd party license manager app is pretty outdated and Windows only, so not a good solution anyways. And anyone recently interested to have that working can always add some batch file script or custom post install hook to do that anyways if needed. There definitely should be a way to support custom repositories in some way, preferably through some kind of plugin interface to make it flexible for different services. FYI: I'm making some progress on the new ZIP ibrary with transparent support for (sym)links. Still need to figure out some issues but it starts working. Soon there will need to be some testing done to make sure it works on more than just my own systems :-).
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    Nice! I recently became addicted to podcasts and was wondering if/when there would be any LabVIEW based ones. VIShots made one many years ago, but it isn't updated anymore. Subscribed!
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    I listened to both of them this morning. I enjoyed the content and format, and look forward to more episodes.

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