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Time function weirdness on Raspberry Pi

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So, I am seeing issues with the time functions.  See Snippet:


The output of Get Date/Time in Seconds shows the correct time according to the timezone set on the Raspberry Pi.  But, the Seconds to Date/Time and the Date/Time to Seconds seems to interpret the time input as UTC regardless of how the to UTC flag is set. 

I want the Cluster of time elements be in my timezone as well.  Is the only way to handle this to manually correct for the timezone offset?  I can get the timezone offset through a python script so it is possible to do as a workaround.  But these functions don't seem to work properly on the Raspberry Pi.

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I'm not sure if this helps but are you sure it takes timezone from the PI?

On RT systems (but I've not worked with the Pi) front panel timestamps display as the timezone of the host system which can cause confusion in things like this.

I don't think that explains everything your seeing but might help.

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