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  1. “@spolsky: oh baby, SnagIt for Mac is in beta... my life is complete. http://j.mp/6M4K7R”

  2. NI created their repository using VIPM 2010 Beta, which expired after the beta period ended. We noticed the issue and fixed it right away -- it's all good, now. I'm glad to see you're hard at work using VIPM on the weekends, Jon
  3. I love it! I post an idea to the LabVIEW Idea Exchange and now it's a feature (via JKI RCF plugin): http://cot.ag/bpnAHw

  4. Annoyed by software update services that update themselves more often than the software they update.

  5. “@kirienne: It's taking a frakkin' hour to sync. #iPhoneFailAgain

  6. Happy to see "what's new" list from NI for Scripting feature in LabVIEW 2010, now officially supported: http://cot.ag/9qS6Hr

  7. “@jgcode: Upgrade to first class on flight out of Austin. #niweek, the gift that keeps on giving”

  8. I'm really looking forward to seeing all my friends and colleagues at #NIWeek 2010!

  9. Why must I re-learn all the subtle details of apache mod rewrite and regular expressions every time I need some simple URL redirects?

  10. Survey shows people don't want to plug wire (USB/iTunes) into wireless device (iPhone) to use it: http://cot.ag/a14MHP

  11. Problem with TortoiseSVN 1.6.8 & 1.6.9. Run "Repair" to fix. 1.6.10 won't have this issue. See here: http://cot.ag/a15ORK

  12. You should be able to adjust this in the options, as shown in the screenshot, below: Cheers,
  13. Thanks for the initial round of ideas, guys. I want to keep it as a single file, so I don't really like the idea of an extra DLL or a batch file.
  14. Hey LAVA'ers, Does anyone know of any tools or techniques to modify the error message that shows up when trying to run a built LabVIEW app, when the Run-Time Engine is not installed? Thanks!
  15. Anything worth selling should not be sold short. We've got several tricks up our sleeve, so stay tuned for NIWeek 2010...
  16. Hey Val, Wow, we never thought anyone would ever want to do that But seriously, you can use VIPM to uninstall the JKI TSVN Tool (just find it in VIPM's package list and choose uninstall). You should actually do a Select All and uninstall all packages. And, you'll want to do this in every LabVIEW version that VIPM is managing. Then, go into the VIPM options dialog and (on the LabVIEW page) uncheck every LabVIEW version in the list. Then, close VIPM and choose (Windows) Start >> Programs >> JKI >> VI Package Manager >> VI Package Manager Uninstall. BTW, you might not want to uninstall VIPM, yet. VIPM 2010 is going to be released soon and I have a feeling that you won't be able to live without it (because it's super awesome and will revolutionize the way we all share LabVIEW tools and add-ons) -Jim
  17. Apple "fixing" iPhone 4 antenna issue by giving users more bars: http://cot.ag/cloOeK

  18. Working hard on VIPM 2010, so that it can build installers for any kind of LabVIEW addon!

  19. Just woke up to a mag 3.5 earthquake just a few miles west of us: http://bit.ly/cutzXY

  20. VIPM 2010 is going to work on Mac, right @mikeaivaliotis? http://yfrog.com/0vp22rj

    1. Phillip Brooks

      Phillip Brooks

      Hope that LabVIEW 2010 runs on Mac... ;)

  21. The double espresso I just drank might have something to do with it, but I'm getting REALLY excited about #NIWeek 2010

  22. Deep thought of the day: Do software engineers at Apple get in trouble if they practice pair (pear) programming?

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