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  1. I'm friendly to this change. However, I'd probably keep the text short, like /* YOUR_COMMENT_HERE */
  2. There's a bug in "ZLIB Compress Directory" where it fails if a password is specified. If you try it, it will result in a file permission error: I fixed this error by not passing in a password to the "ZLIB Store" for directories, and only passing in the password for files (as shown below). Here's the fixed VI. ZLIB Compress Directory__ogtk -- BUGFIX.vi
  3. Charlie Sheen's new catch phrase: BOMBING!!! http://t.co/TyXddRo

  4. Thanks for your support, guys. I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for OpenG, too. There are exciting things in the works...
  5. Rebooting: A magical way to solve 99% of all computer problems.

  6. “@EdDickens: #LabVIEW system replacing PLC system going online now.” woot!

  7. Dear OpenG and LAVA Communities, I’m happy to announce that the OpenG community is moving its primary discussions into the LAVA discussion forums. This will server two primary purposes: 1) To increase the visibility of OpenG and make it easier for more people to contribute, find support, and stay up to date about developments in OpenG. 2) To reduce the burden of the spam and other server administrative tasks. The existing OpenG discussion forums will remain available as a read-only archive, and will include a prominent notice that the discussion forums have moved to a new address, here on the LAVA forums. We hope you agree that this is a great step forward for OpenG and that it will add yet another positive element to the already solid foundation of LAVA. We are confident that it will allow the OpenG team to better serve its users, as well as increasing the amount of participation as a whole. If you have any questions about this transition, please post a topic in the OpenG forums on LAVA. Thank you, Jim Kring OpenG Founder
  8. just discovered @hipsterhacker - he's my new favorite guy on the Internets.

  9. It looks like you need to adjust the keystone
  10. Cool! Faster @FogBugz On Demand and I even got to learn something: http://cot.ag/flqXDr

  11. New customer called and wants app written in #LabVIEW "because it's easier to maintain by them than say JAVA" #TheirWordsNotMine

  12. I wish the iPhone spellcheck was grammar aware for when your typing homonyms.

    1. Bjorn Conjaerts

      Bjorn Conjaerts

      Go for Blackberry Jim ;)

  13. Heading to Austin. Sad I missed CLA Summit, but looking forward to couple days of syncing up with friends/colleagues at @NIglobal

  14. way too busy right now to do any one thing very well #timetostartsayingnotostuff

  15. forgot to CC people in 4 emails yesterday despite referencing them in msg body. #imustbegettingold and/or #softwarefail?

  16. Update: I just tested this in LabVIEW 2010 SP1 and it seems to be fixed The CAR Number (252210) is also in the list of LabVIEW 2010 Service Pack 1 Bug Fixes. Thanks NI!
  17. Getting a lot of phishy emails today (Valentine's Day) claiming to be FTD Flowers.

  18. “@mkapor: Algorithms, tubes, electrons. What is the Internet REALLY powered by?” my guess is coffee

  19. Heading into SF to visit the Photonics West show at Moscone Center. Will stop by NI (@NIglobal) booth to say "hi".

  20. I've noticed that some packages like the LVOOP Assistant depend on this Icon Editor API package. However, it seems that they don't provide a link to the package (but, it would be nice if they did). It took me a while to find this page Keep up the great work!
  21. <opening a can of worms>So, does that mean if you use the Mercuial logo in a VI icon that the VI must be licensed under GPLv2+?</opening a can of worms>
  22. Thanks for the great summary of your results and experiences with Mercurial/TortoiseHG/Kiln! -Jim
  23. Four Loko too strong to drink. Now being put into cars' gas tanks: http://engt.co/dE8BQ2

  24. Great! Regarding the main application, I guess you'll need to choose a license that best suites your business (and community) goals. Cheers, -Jim
  25. Felix: Here's some good reading on the reasoning behind the choice to release the OpenG libraries under the BSD license.
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