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  1. This is strange. If the DVR is invalid there will definitely be errors. Based on what you've told us and the code above. I'd say that there simply is no data in the DVR. Is it being written to the DVR correctly? The above code shown is not good for debugging. You need to put the IPE structure in some kind of loop. It only executes once as shown, right?
  2. No worries. My point is that none of that layout is customizable from the Admin panel. For example, you could request from them the ability to hide the date groupings category tag as a user customizable option.
  3. What makes you think the DVR is not working? Is there an error message accessing the DVR like it's invalid or something? What's the message?
  4. I don't think there is. it looks like if you create a small icon, it forces the full square size on the diagram and the blank space turns grey.
  5. I just enabled everything. I think if you want an email for every reply. It's this:
  6. I'm cool with listening to these suggestions and help hash them out here. But they won't get far with me. My years of of editing html and customizing stuff is years behind me. Not to mention I have to manage it when the site gets upgraded. If it's not baked into the framework, sorry. So my suggestion is to go to the source here: https://invisionpower.com/forums/ Figure out how to provide feedback to them and perhaps they'll incorporate it into a future update. == Despite the visual difference to the old unread content page. I'd like to point out the superior filtering and customization of the results. In addition to the ability to create and save personalized streams. Click on "My Activity Streams" so see preconfigured streams. Then at the end you have "Create custom Stream" so you can customize the stream. Some of the choices have a little gear icon with more options. Then you can save it and I believe it has it's own RSS feed as well. Also, what one person finds annoying, another person finds useful. I like the preview because you get to see a little preview of the post to identify if you need to go deeper or not. There are use-cases for both.
  7. Does it also turn off your hue lights, or make them a dark red?
  8. There's also a condensed view, if you click the little icon. Perhaps that's better for you. It's also live updating which is nice. So you can leave it open and don't have to click refresh.
  9. Chrome notifications are cool. I just got notified you posted. Anyway... I know why the button is missing for you. Because it's disabled by permissions. I think this is wise, since it opens up allowing anyone, including spammers, to post potentially malicious html. So I think I'm gonna leave it off, sorry.
  10. There a few ways to do what you want. One of them: Just highlight a bunch of text you want to quote. Then hover over it. You will see a link "Quote This". That way you can selectively quote whatever. But to answer your other question. There's a "Source" button on the toolbar to get to the html if that's what you want.
  11. Ok, thanks. I have a support ticket open with IPS. Hopefully they can resolve it.
  12. How do you manage physical offsite backup of your PC? With VMs it's actually much easier since they're just files. On a Mac, which I use, each VM looks like a single file. I even run VMs on external hard drives which makes it much easier to move around and backup. Do you use a cloud backup service? This is probably way off-topic.
  13. It's the workflow I use and it works for me. If I'm juggling 523 projects then perhaps my workflow would be different. I currently have about 10 active projects but maybe 3-4 hot ones. Lots of hard drive space and most of it SSDs. So it's fine. As far as test VMs, you just need one for each OS. It's a judgement call. Perhaps you have one VM that you use for several projects that use the same LV version and reuse libraries - who knows. How do you handle different NI hardware driver versions that come out every 6 months? We can agree that LabVIEW sucks in this regard. No news there. Using VMs is "Putting the cart before the horse". Sure, but I'm done with creating large scale infrastructure tools to fix some other company's inactivity. Some folks younger than me with more energy to spare can do that - I'm good. I'd rather spend the development effort on my customers, which gives me greater reward and returns. Both emotionally and financially. Don't get me wrong. I still build tools and reuse libraries. But most likely not a VIPM-type of tool or add-on.
  14. The logo got wiped during the upgrade. I still have it. I just need to put it back. Just waiting for things to settle down a bit. I'm really liking the new layout and feel of it. It seems more user friendly and mobile responsive.
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