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  1. I have developed a small utility inspired by Quick drop and JKI RCF. The utility can make various common tasks very simple(e.g. adding cases to to case structure, finding a perticular case in case structure, changing VI properties etc. etc.) Also this utility supports plugins so new features can be added you can see the demo video below. I have submitted this utility as my entry in "Code Madness: Example Program Challenge 2011" If you like this concept i request all to provide a feedback as well as rating you can find my submission here: http://decibel.ni.co.../docs/DOC-15287
  2. I think Eric has made one important point. the solution you are looking forward can give you better results if you CALCULATE the sun position instead of MEASURE the sun position. For calculating the position you will need to have GPS co-ordinates(you don't need to have GPS device, you can feed them as constants) of your location and time. Also consider following points when you consider vision based solutions Vs Time location based solution Accuracy (~100% Vs 100%) Cost of hardware cost of software development Cost of installation and commissioning maintainance (need to clean camera l
  3. may be you can put it in NI LabVIEW idea exchange... I think that is the better place for this.
  4. first of all thanks for providing such a great utility. How ever i am not looking at just a way to customize boolean controls. my aims are as follows(and in same order of priority) put image as decoration on front panel (same thing as if we drag a png file from explorer and drop it to empty area on front panel) customize all kinds of controls to add images to them, alter dimensions of its parts Also in CR the critical part is password protected can you email mw password (tushar@jambhekar.com)
  5. Thank you very much Phillip. In past we have developed lots of modbus dataloggers and now we have created fully configurable system(soon we are going to make it available free of cost to community). and i am thinking to add some typical SCADA features to it. so want to develop WYSIWYG editor. This editor will work as plugin vi creator and users can add their own mimic panels. I understand that people will need to have labVIEW and they need to run editor as source code and exe wont work. This question was related to development of that editor.
  6. i want to add images on disk as the decoration on the front panel. also i would like to know how to add decal image to the control through vi scripting.
  7. use greater than function in comparison palette. for time measurement when the LED turns ON off you can record the tick count, and the difference between tick counts will give you desired result. you can post your code so that we can help you out. with implemetation
  8. unfortunately if you are using IMAQ USB there is no alternative. i have used videocapX activeX in past (http://www.fathsoft.com/videocapx.html) and i found it very useful. also i find it pretty useful. the power it gives is unmatched. Also if you need to grab images where other features of vdm are not required then run time lic. becomes an overkill. in such scenarios i found this solution is quite cost effective.
  9. I have developed my own framework which help me in this scenario. Also it offers complete "loose coupling" making application extension very simple. see this post http://www.jambhekar.com/blogs/?p=48 Also you can see the monitor app utility which allows you to see which messages are pending for processing
  10. see this and this for downloading the framework see my response here http://lavag.org/top...h__1#entry81818
  11. when i talk about design patterns(so called architectures) almost every time people start talking about state machines. and i wonder that most people dont accept that state machine can introduce some problems as well. one of the problem of state machine is that it makes everything sequential, so if you are using LabVIEW because it is "Inherently parrallel" then your state machine is turning it into "inherently sequential" (However if you dont follow good design patttern then the problems are even bigger) we have developed our own framework for implementing publisher subscriber pattern. this
  12. may be its too late to comment on this post as you might have already finished coding but i think using multi-column list can be a good choice you still need to have one row for channel name and one for data, so that you can have different font sizes, but you can have altrenate background colors for rows and if you select channel rows background color exactly as grid color then you can have one cell with two row kind of effect. And i think looks wise it will be way superior to array of cluster approach
  13. can you share your code or may be screen shots
  14. just in case you don't need vision development module. then you can see this http://www.fathsoft.com/videocapx.html i have used this at one of our clients for capturing images from 4 cameras and we found it excellent also if you are using NI IMAQ USB then version does matter, previous versions of it does not support capturing from two cameras if they have identical name(i.e. two cameras of exactly same brand&model)
  15. I Use NSIS and I am very happy with it. Most importantly it adds very small overhead in size. I have used following features with excellent results Copying Files to install directory and various other system directories request admin rights register dlls Registry Entries Complete GUI customization(Logo, Branding, Lic Page etc.) selectable features (optional,Required etc. ) install other installers(silently) Automatically Install unsigned USB drivers(Its really tough; most other installers support only signed drivers. I Spent more than a week to find solution)
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