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  1. Hello, Is it possible write a Labview code to turn on and off LED's via the serial port (9-pin) of a PC? Thank you in advance,
  2. Hello, In the front panel I have indicators, buttons and text labels on a rectangular decoration (see attached picture). When I try to move these (buttons, indicators, text labels) on to a new rectangular decoration, they hide behind it! Why is this happening and how can I prevent/correct it? Thank you in advance,
  3. Hello and thank you for the help. I tried No1 and it works without disrupting the acquisition, but while the popup window is on, I have no access to the main window buttons. I tried the rendezvous function but I get the same problem As for No2 I am clueless! Can you please give me more info? Thank you in advance
  4. Thanks for the many replies. So the Flash/Java option that will work on all phones is excluded?
  5. Hello, Assuming there is a Wireless NI DAQ and a Mobile Phone with WiFi. Since there is no option to install Labview on the phone, is it possible to create an "application"/build, with Flash or Java, to display the Wireless DAQ data on the Mobile? Thank you in advance
  6. Hello, I have a .vi that constantly acquired data in a while loop. In the while loop I placed a code with a case structure. When the case is true (button pressed) a popup window (subvi) opens up as a "Help" file for the user. The operation is identical to http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/make-pop-up-window/td-p/1587340 The problem is that while the popup window is active the while loop does not acquire any data. It waits for the popup to close (case structure to turn to false or finish). If the popup stays open for a while then the program displays a message that it tried to acquire samples
  7. Hello, I thought to write an update. While playing around with the codes limits I noticed that if the boolean array is longer than 32 elements/switches then the code does not display the change of the booleans (numbered from 33 and above) in the graph. Why is that happening?
  8. Hello & Thank you very much ...again! I used two things to get it working: 1. The shift register 2. I wired the output of the boolean array with a property node "val(signl)" linked with the "switches" indicator that was inside the event structure The problem now is that with both solutions the code is a bit slow...what am I doing wrong?
  9. Thank you for the help! I have an issue though...If the "switches" control becomes and indicator, then the vi does not work! (see picture here http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/442/evenstructureindicator.jpg/) Please help
  10. Hello, I am using Labview v10 and NI-9213 ro acquire readings from 10 thermocouples. I placed boolean switches to enable me to select which plots/thermocouples/channels to view in the graph. When Switch X is on, it sends a "0"value. I have 2 problems: 1. The code is a bit messy. Can this be done more neatly? 2. The boolean switch does not work properly. One value goes to "0" and the next value shows/plots the temperature. Any ideas on how to improve it? Thank you in advance Thermocouple Detection.vi
  11. Hello, I got 10 on-off switches, When switch number "X" turns on I want to display its change in a graph (bar plot) that it turned on (y-axis value/amplitude 1 if it turns on) and on x-axis display the time that it turned on (see attached picture). When other switch turns on then I want the graph to display all previous switches activity (with their time stamp (in sec)). This has to be a graph so that I can put cursor labels on each bar. Any ideas how to do this? Thank you in advance
  12. Hello, I have Labview v10 and I want to create the property node "active cursor" for a waveform graph. I cant seem to find it! (See attached photo). In a DBL graph, the option is there... Why is this happening? Thank you in advance
  13. Hello, Assuming that there is a waveform graph with many plots. If there are too many plots then there will be havoc on screen. Is there any way to point/click with the mouse or use the cursor and have a label that shows the name of the plot in question? Thank you in advance
  14. WOW! Thank you very much for all the replies!
  15. Hello, I am acquiring readings from 10 Thermocouples and then display the data in a graph. The plot names are automatically created in the form "cDAQXModX" where "X" is the number of channel/thermocouple (see attached picture part B). I tried to use the property node to change the plot names (See part A) but after closing the .vi, the plot names change back to part B. Plus it feels that the data display on the graph slowed down. Is there an alternative method to change the plot names for all channels?
  16. Hello, I have a set of 50 LED and I want to be able to log which one of them was the last LED to turn on. I imagine I have to place them all to an array, but I have no clue as to how to detect the last LED that turns on. Any ideas? Thank you in advance
  17. Hello, I use Labview v10 and I suddenly started getting an error with the MathScript RT Module: "An internal error has occurred in the MathScript RT Module. Restart LabVIEW and try again. If the error persists, reinstall the MathScript RT Module." This error appears even if I work on something irrelevant with the MathScript code, ie moving a numeric control or inserting a wire etc. Please help!
  18. Hello, I need to have up to four WLS/ENET devices all connected to PC running Labview v10. Each of these single module chassis will use the NI 9219 and for each of these devices I have a task that acquired voltage (2 channels) and temperature (2 channels) The problem is that I will not have a steady number of these devices connected to the host PC. Depending on the experiment 1-4 devices (and possibly more in the future) need to be connected to the host PC. If I write the code for 4 devices (hence 4 DAQmx acquisition sets) and I connect 3 devices, it will give me an error. "Error -201250 o
  19. Hello, I have a setup with a PC with LV10 and a DAQ card that receives stimulus from sensors Assuming that there are 3-4 of these setups, how can I: 1. View from any one setup the processed data from the other setups 2. View/display the processed data from all the setups to a PC with LV and no DAQ on it 3. Make each setup receive and send data to the other setups Thank you in advance,
  20. Hello, Sorry for the omission, I am attaching a vi and a print screen of the code. I am going to use the developed code for a WLS and a cDAQ system. The attached vi works fine if I use two different NI 9219. As far as for the "module properties" I have no idea where to find it (using Labview v10). I tried to create a project, searched in MAX etc, and I cannot find it both.vi
  21. Hello, I have a NI 9219 and I am trying to acquire voltage on ch0 and ch1 and temperature on ch2 and ch3 with a J-type thermocouple. If I try to acquire either voltage from ch0 and ch1 only or temperature from ch2 and ch3 only then all works fine, but I cannot seem to get it to acquire voltage and temperature at the same time. Am I doing something wrong?
  22. Hello, I want to format the dialog string, ie change them to bold, justify etc How can I do this?
  23. Hello, Thank you for the replies There is no pop up window requiring a password. How else can I be 100% sure that it is password protected or not? I am using Labview 2010 and I know that the program was written in an earlier version (not sure which probably v8.6). If the block diagram has been removed, isn't any way to dig up the code? The subvi in question is (must be) quite complicated so it will be difficult to rewrite it.
  24. Hello, I was given a large project that contains many subvi's. I am able to access the block diagram to all but one. Why is this?? The subvi was written by a colleague that left years ago and I need to know whats in it What could be preventing me to see the block diagram?
  25. Hello, I have to transfer a code (large one) written in Labview 8.6.1 to version 10. I tried to copy the code by selecting everything from v8.6.1 and pasting it to a new vi (v10) but it made a mess, especially in the front panel, not to mention that the code does not work any more! How can I make such a transition trouble free?
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