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  1. Thank you for your prompt response I want to be like a pop up window like the "one button dialog" but with out the button.
  2. Hello, How can I have a dialog popping up with no button?
  3. Hello, If I had custom drivers for an instrument/device, how can I "import" them to Labview so that I can use it to communicate with the device and acquire data? Thank you in advance
  4. Hello, I am trying to build an .exe from my vi and I want to remove the "Run continuously" button but keep the "Run" button. How can I do this?
  5. Hello, How can I prompt the user the create a folder?
  6. I cannot find this node, any chance for a print screen?
  7. Hello, I want to find away to reinitialise to default about 40 indicators at the start of my program. I am doing this because when I run the program again it uses the values that it previously had from the last run. I could use an invoke node 40 times but this is a bit tedious Does anyone know how to do it?
  8. It might be the obvious solution but the client does not want the button outside the tab!
  9. Hello, I got 2 tabs and a start button in each tab. When I press the start button in one tab I want to activate the start button in the other tab too and vice versa. How can I do this? Thank you in advance
  10. Hello, I have a "start button" that is connected in a True/False case Structure (See attached picture). When the button is pressed it sends a "True" signal and the timer inside the case structure counts to 30". When the 30" is reached the structure gives a "True" signal out for the program to stop. The problem is that when I start the program again, the "start button" will start at the pressed position. How can I make the "start button" to always start at the unpressed position? Thank you in advance,
  11. Hello, I have a while loop and I want to write to a file (spreadsheet) continuously. When the stop button is pressed the last data should be saved on the file. The first thing I write on the file is some header info and then the data that is in the loop. The problem is that for each loop the data is appended at the bottom of the old data, where as I want the new data ie from cell C3 to overwrite the old data in cell C3. I can try to set the append to file to "F" but it will delete my file header info. How can I overwrite the data without deleting the header info? Thank you in advance
  12. Hello, I just noticed a strange thing All the Y-axis in the vi that I am working on are gone! If I start a new (unconnected) graph in this vi, then the Y-axis will not appear If I start a new (unconnected) graph to a BLANK vi then the y-axis is there why is this happening? I just copy-pasted my code to a new vi and my y-axis magically appeared. Does anyone know why this happened in the first place?
  13. So I should keep them out side the loop? Can you please tell me which parts to keep inside and which outside the loop?
  14. Here is another picture. The text output is directly connected to the waveform graph I get data via text but there is nothing displayed on the graph Why is this happening? All the graphs in the vi do not work
  15. Thank you for your reply. I followed your advice (if Temperature>1000°C then temperature=inf) and it works. I would have been nice if NI had a way to self diagnose which channels are not connected.
  16. Hello, I am using a USB-6255 to output/input data and it works fine (see part A & B in picture) When I added code (see part C) to input temperature data from a NI-6213 a strange thing happened. The graphs stopped showing data where as all indicators and probes show the data just fine! The code for the temperature works fine alone Why is this happening and why only graphs/charts are influenced?
  17. Hello, I am trying to use a NI-9213 to read temperature. My setup reads all channels but I do not use the same channels each time so some are read by Labview but there is no thermocouple present. The reading from these "open" channels is 1376,34 C How can I make them disply "Inf" or "Not Connected" etc? Thank you in advance
  18. The code is too big area-wise to make a print screen. What you do not see in the attached picture is that the threshold detector and timer runs inside a while loop Before the threshold detector and timer there is code to output a 10V dc to the circuit and code fot the acquisition of the 10 signals. After the threshold detector and timer there is the data output code Is this information sufficient?
  19. Hello, I have a 10 input threshold detector in a while loop and I the data are collected outside the loop and saved when the "stop" button is pushed If this program mis interrupted by something else besides the "stop" button (ie power cut) then I will not save any data. How can I save the data while the program is running and also have some output IF the process is interrupted? I tried saving the data in the loop but it creates many files. I have placed a time tag on the file path so that each time the program starts it writes the data/time on the file name. Inside the loop when it saves t
  20. I did use the tick count ms, but it did not work, I get the same error
  21. The threshold part works! There is a new problem now. - After the threshold is detected I have a timer, for each input, to measure the time until the threshold is reached and the time after the threshold is reached until the stop button is pressed. In other words I need a separate timer for each input. If I insert the timer in the for loop in order to use the same code, then the timer part does not work anymore properly. How can I make this timer integrate with the for loop properly?
  22. Its work! What you see is a patch work from different other vi/examples etc, and no it is not "deliberately wrong"! It is an indicator, the file path is generated via a path/tag code. I chopped it off as I thought it might be confusing
  23. I made it work (see Attached Picture) Where you talking about another way? Is there another way to make this, perhaps more simple?
  24. How do I implement it to labview?
  25. Thank you all for your replies How can I write each waveform/array to a different column in excel?
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