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  1. Scan from string (%x) (format string of output 1 is 0x%x 0d%d) Ton
  2. I went over the code by Stinus, and it looks good and valid. One of the open points in the code is retrieving attributes of waveforms. My proposal is to return each attribute as it's raw JSON string (indicated by a .JSON extension): Any other ideas? Ton
  3. You can get the size of the monitors (it's a application property) and then resize the window to fit the monitor. Ton
  4. Hi Manual, thanks for the report, the last commit by James should be fixing this. Shaun, I haven't seen this, by using a quite large JSON set, and parsing it twice in parallel, both methods can the same time. Regards, Ton
  5. Sorry my memory is mixing up projects. Ton
  6. Hi James, Could you fork the repo at bitbucket, add the fix to your fork, and request a Pull request. It woul be great if it can be supplied in LV2009 format. Regards, Ton
  7. Why don't you let the VI itself open it's FP? And if you have a large case structure, it's wise to add a piece of code after CS that inserts the case selecter info into the error data. TOn
  8. Our company is in a 17025 certified measurement institute, however we are facing issues with the calibration of acceleration sensors, official we need to calibrate them in the whole measurement range. However we weren't able to locate a calibration institute that calibrate up to 60 G with a 17025 compliant certificate. Does anyone have pointers? Regards, Ton
  9. RT @hookesltd: Students helping one another with the #NImyDAQ for electronics in Nigeria @labview @LabViewNI @NIglobal #education...

  10. Learned something new from @lavag I took the time to see what 'TLDR' means...

  11. Unless you enable debugging! Ton
  12. Yes, it's a valid option (IMHO), for the plugins in the Code Capture Tool we have used this method, and we even use the icon! Only downside is that you need to load the VI into memory to get this info. What surprises me is that you didn't choose an OO implementation with specific methods. Ton
  13. Hi Mike, did the LabVIEW wiki help (esp. the page on the Facade ability)? Ton
  14. You could look at the wiki page: http://www.LabVIEW wiki.org/xcontrol where I have added a lot of information
  15. You can use the following code with two examples: in the upper method you'll only need to remove the padded string. Ton
  16. Could you post your code? without code it's hard to identify issues. Ton
  17. Filed as issue #22 Fixed in version 3.2.1, that is available at SourceForge and the Lava Code repository. Should go live shortly on the LabVIEW Tools Network. It's fixed by placing the Mouse VIs in a conditional case structure that's only run for Windows and Linux. Ton
  18. Hi Antoine, Yair is right that code is used for the panning/zooming using the scroll wheel. I always thought that code was OS generic. Can you place the whole while loop + init/close VI inside a conditional structure, to see if it is fixed then? If so we can easily create a platform limited code for Mac/Linux. Apparently this code is only available on Win/Linux. Ton
  19. RT @hal9000_: Your mama's so FAT she can't save files bigger than 4GB

  20. One additional follow up. The issue is with the LabVIEW code creation tool. When I create manually a VI that is identical to the NI created tool I get no 'Save' message Ton
  21. At first I could not replicate your issue. But I used the Symbio toolkit to change the inheritance and generate the new override VI. Then I used the standard procedure and I had to resave the VI. The main difference is that the Symbio toolkit does not insert 'Call Parent method' Ton
  22. I suspect that the file date is changed. One thing that has always stumped me with a 'get lock' SCC regime is that you need the server to edit the file. I understand that there's a bug in LabVIEW. A no-op save. But that should not cause any problems. Using the 'read-only' flag is a bad method (IMHO) to control the state of a file. Merge tools are getting better (and NIs LabVIEW merge tool is reasonably good), so one should not rely on the file-date to control the contents of the file. Ton
  23. Can you inspect what is changed in the saved lvclass file? Ton
  24. I think AQ means this site: https://sine.ni.com/srm/app/myServiceRequests Ton
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