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  1. Job opportunity: Software ontwikkelaar at Lloyd's Register Rail Europe - Utrecht Area, Netherlands #jobs http://t.co/c12w1SXBZY

  2. Do you have a binary representation of the BLOB? It might help you to identify the file type. TOn
  3. Don't forget to set the decimal seperator (%.; ) if you think your program will ever come to a decent part of the world. Ton
  4. How (and WHY) do you call the VI dynamically? And what exactly do you mean by contents? You can remove the block diagram (or lock it with a password) to hide the code. Removing the block diagram means that you need to keep a source copy. Using a password is not a very strong lock. Ton
  5. Thanks for the pitfall warning. Ton Thanks for the pitfall warning. Ton
  6. I can use the OpenG function 'Class name' to find the qualified name of the class. Since I will run this on the default value it will most likely not cost a lot of resources. Questioning the class via a method is a maintenance nightmare for the class creator. Ton
  7. Yes that's correct a project is a manager of files while a library/class manages code Ton
  8. No it's not about scripting. I want to create a plugin class hierarchy and have a generic config GUI. If a class overrides a specific method I will enable a button that allows to open a class specific config GUI. I don't think I make the assumption of the path relationship between the method and the class. Ton
  9. Well a VI does not know if it belongs to a project (it might even belong to several projects, which is bad), so I guess the best you can do is the following: This will look in the folder of the VI for a project file, if one match is found that is returned, otherwise it will look to the folder above the VI project, untill the root of the filesystem is found. If more than one file is found you need an algorithm to find the best match. One option would be the Levenshtein distance Ton
  10. I am trying to determine whether a class will override a specific method before running the override. I am coming up with the following code: Is this the preferred method? An alternative (probably faster) would be: Ton
  11. Here's the error description as stored in LabVIEW (help->Explain Error..): Where are the errors comming from? I suppose from the 'Open VISA resource'. Is this running on the same computer as the Development enivronment? You might need to wait a little bit before calling the VISA open function. Try to add a wait of 10 seconds before the open VISA session. Ton
  12. I don't think I have ever used 'Kill LabVIEW' in any executable the last 5 years. Why did you have to resort to it? Ton
  13. Went to Copenhagen for the #LabVIEW Advanced User Group Meeting. Finally seeing speaking to someone who made a Project Provider!

  14. Waiting on the boarding line (@ Amsterdam Airport Schiphol) http://t.co/fX3zt9qFth

  15. going to copenhagen tomorrow for a #LabVIEW conference

  16. And that was a notification? A a notifier is probably an english invention. They seem to form a queue just by themselves. Ton
  17. I assume that the panel color 0x01000037 is not sufficient? Ton
  18. You have to disassemble the Variant. One option would be a Variant Tree indicator. To get the actual values you can use the OpenG Variant Data tools: Ton
  19. You can resize the XControl by controlling it's bounds. Do not use the Facade VI ref, but the container ref availalbe in the facade VI: Ton
  20. Very strange, have you moved VIs around without using the Project explorer? I have not seen this issue. Ton
  21. AURT @wimtormans: Re-installing all needed 'flavours'of #LabVIEW starting with 2010 RT @wimtormans: terrible end of the weekend ......

  22. I love that we are in 2013 now, makes it easier to spot the year digits. And definitely use 8601 compliant timestamps. Ton
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