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  1. One method to test this is using the .net object in LabVIEW. You might even be capable to debug the .net dll. Ton
  2. Working in the sun and snow. Fairy tale

  3. There are several options, the easiest is serving up a folder as a webpage (this can be done with Apache) and storing the images in that folder. Ton PS This does not belong on the Real Time but on the Internet/remote monitoring forum.
  4. The active tab-page is the value of the tab-control, so you can use the 'Value' property. Ton
  5. I think this is in general a no-no. What you want is a popup to open. And most modern browsers include a per-default activated pop-up blocker. Perhaps you can overload the html page containing your embedded dialog with some ajax code? Ton
  6. How can I automatically move photos from Google Plus to Google Drive? Please help http://t.co/WpcnpmDClZ

  7. I have the following global HG workbench file (Mercurial itself doesn't support a global hgignore): .ogp$ /built*$ /build*$ .lvlps$ .aliases$ .viobj .vip$ .zip$ Based on this Which files to ignore using SCC, and the LabVIEW Wiki and my strong belief that build products do not belong in an SCC. Ton
  8. Raviramesh, could you post the code that's eating the CPU so we won't make the same mistake? Ton
  9. #Markdown Report v 1.0.3 release. Bugfixes Direct download: http://t.co/5XTVzgSB5A

    Project page: http://t.co/GrQ6BJloP4 @labview

  10. RT @lavag: @tcplomp LAVA is back online and the posting errors have been fixed.

  11. Ton on LabVIEW: Code Capture Tool Plugins - An introduction for developers http://t.co/UdEg209l

  12. Gaaf hoe elke discussie op #tweakers op linux/windows/mac bashen uitdraait

  13. I created a package that allows you to create Markdown syntax files using LabVIEW. Code, Download, Bugs/Features, announcement. Ton
  14. Using #MarkDown in @labview Reports — Bitbucket http://t.co/CpK3phWMRelease v 1.0

  15. If you like Markdown, I have created a library to use the LabVIEW report toolkit. See at Bitbucket Ton
  16. RT @atxgrant: #LabVIEW 2013 Beta is live right now. The new web services and commenting are awesome. Download at http://t.co/p06b3AOY

  17. If you have child classes you can use a class property node to access data inside the parent object (not the owner object). Ton
  18. Well you can get the source of the LabVIEW Icon editor, so you can get the text, and write the output to the icon. I have never opened the code from the editor, but I assume the text is saved as a tag in the VI's meta-data. However this is not a standard, if you for instance use the Endevo Goop toolkit ( by MikaelH), you are not compatible with the standard NI data. Ton
  19. If I have an application that has lengthy processes (>10 seconds), or when it's unlikely that I regurarly (agian at least every 10 seconds) hit the main event loop, then I have a dedicated 'Terminate' event loop, that's monitoring both the Application:Close? and Panel:Close? events and will signal an abort to these lengthy processes to stop prematurely. Ton
  20. Available for downlaod: Code Capture Tool 3.2 with plugins, upload to imgur and a new GUI design! http://t.co/6qNX46IK #labview @lavag

  21. Michael, could you explain 'Does not work'. What do you expect from this event? It should get triggered when Windows wants to close an application (I get this event when I shut down my computer). Since you Discard the event your application is ignoring this event, and you should close your app yourself. Ton
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